Why Choose a Dog Hiking Service Over Doggy Daycare?

Dog hiking adventures and training in Canton, MA and surrounding areas. Find out why our dog hiking beats typical dog walks around the neighborhood!

Get your dog off of the couch and outside to explore the wonders of nature! Dogs need mental, physical and social stimulation to stay happy, healthy and non-destructive!

Is your dog constantly barking while you’re at work? Chewing on your shoes or furniture? Ignoring your requests or escaping their crate? It’s likely that your dog is lacking at least one if not all of the above stimulation. Wouldn’t you feel like a prisoner going through the same routine, the same quick walk around the block, seeing the same people and smelling the same scents? While most dogs thrive on routine, there are fantastic ways to switch it up and keep things exciting! Our dog hiking service is absolutely one of the best ways to accomplish this especially with rotating locations. Here at Keen Paws we firmly believe a hiking dog is a happy dog, come see the difference!

Do you wish your dog could join our pack hikes but are afraid he will run off, cause a fight or ignore their handler? We can help you! Private training is available to help turn your best friend into the perfect hiking partner!

During our group hikes, your dog will learn and practice important socialization skills, burn off energy and flex their basic obedience skills all in a stimulating and distracting environment! Your pup will enjoy one full hour of hiking with friends in varying locations in different towns – we like to switch it up! Many dogs join us for post hike visits and are typically out of the house for at least two hours. Pricing below includes pick up and drop off.

On and off-leash hiking available to qualified dogs. Each dog must complete a pre-requisite solo hike for evaluation before entering groups. Want your dog to have the freedom to live life off leash? Contact us to set up your private, in-home, guaranteed training!

Take a minute from work to enjoy the photos and videos of your dog’s hike, it’s a great way to de-stress and bring a smile to your face! Find peace and comfort knowing that Jessica’s background working for a canine rehabilitation center gives her the ability to notice the slightest changes in your dog and that you will know about it asap. We are canine CPR & first-aid certified and insured, we’ve got you covered!

But wait… why should I choose a dog hiking service over a doggy daycare?

Daycares can be a wonderful place in small doses for the right dogs. Check out some information below to see a comparison of a typical daycare and our dog hikes.

Did you know most daycares do not allow toys in groups or for their handlers to play with them?

The small enclosed areas can cause dogs to become territorial and possessive over toys and their human handlers which can cause fights. In a pack setting, if two dogs are fighting the chances of other dogs joining in are extremely likely. This is a safety measure most every daycare takes and we certainly do not blame them!

*Our hikes offer freedom of space, rotating locations and a structured environment that allows us to individually interact with your dogs and throw tennis balls or sticks without causing issue or disruption to the pack.

Shut down. 

It’s a bit of a tough word, but accurate. Jessica has seen it first hand. Dogs who are sent to a full day of daycare 4-5 times a week. In the beginning they are happy and having fun but after so many consecutive days you can see them begin to shut down. They are no longer playing, no longer showing happiness, typically lying on the floor waiting for their person to retrieve them. Unfortunately shut down can lead to temperamental behaviors that may cause a daycare to suspend or expel the dog from daycare. Some things your dog may exhibit: resource guarding water bowls or other items in the room, snapping at dogs passing by, not wanting to move, disobeying requests from their handlers.

*During our hikes we are constantly moving, our environment changing right before your dog’s eyes. There are new people, mountain bikers, horseback riders, other dogs, wild animals and smells during every outing. We also frequent many different locations, all keeping dogs’ interests and spirits high. 

Not all daycares have outdoor areas, do you want your dog using the bathroom indoors?

 Some daycares do not have outdoor areas and require dogs to urinate and defecate on the floors. Most daycares are very sanitary and do an excellent job at immediately cleaning “accidents” to prevent the spread of disease and illness. However, if your dog is not used to using the bathroom indoors, it may cause your dog to have some UTI infections due to holding their urine for too long. While most indoor-only daycares claim that their facility will not un-potty train your dog, that isn’t quite entirely true, do you want to test their claim? Also, think of how confused your dog must be when they have to go, but know they shouldn’t inside. Dogs are hardwired to not use the bathroom where they eat/drink or sleep.

*With nature surrounding us, your dog has the ability to use the bathroom at any time during our adventure. During pick up and drop off dogs hit the grass for a chance to use the bathroom before getting in the car or heading back into their home. No worries about learning to use the bathroom inside with Keen Paws!  

Is your dog comfortable in large groups?

Many dogs are not comfortable walking into or spending time with a group of 20, 30 or 50 dogs. However, all dogs have different personalities and have had different experiences growing up. Some dogs love being in large groups of dogs and think it is great fun. Others are simply overwhelmed and begin their shut down. Many dog owners are pleased because the dog comes home so exhausted it barely moves all night. But there’s happily tired and being exhausted from stress or being bullied all day. It is critical to figure out in which category your dog belongs.

*We will always notify you if your dog is seemingly no longer enjoying their hiking adventures or if we need to integrate them into a new pack. Your dog’s safety and enjoyment takes precedent over everything else! We want your dog to love their hikes!

Did you know dogs actually play one-on-one?

Play between dogs is primarily between two individuals. Groups of dogs can play well together but if you watch carefully, there are always two dogs as the star playmates, with the other dogs on the periphery, trying to join in. Meaning, large groups of dogs aren’t usually “playing together,” they are jockeying for position, or forming smaller play groups.

*You will never see more than 10 dogs on our hiking adventures. We work hard to properly match our groups so that each dog has a friend they get along and play very well with. This helps the dogs break off into play with their pal, with minimal interruption from other pack members trying to join in on the fun!

Group Hike Pricing

  • 1 hour group hiking service - $37
  • Additional household dog + $17

You’ll enjoy real peace of mind knowing our dedicated professionals are insured as well as CPR/first aid certified and will do whatever is needed to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

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